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What separates you from the competition?


  • We did not just slap a logo on an existing construction bucket or flimsy beach bucket. Our gaming components are designed specifically to be used for oversized beer pong. There is a reason we are not the cheapest giant beer pong game on the market, however we are worth the extra cost. This is the same reason BEARPONG is played in hundreds of business establishments across the country and world including Top Golf locations.
  • We are the Original oversized beer pong game. Since 2009 we have been selling our games, dealing with customer feed-back and fine tuning BEARPONG to be the best possible giant beer pong game out there. Since in business, we have made several improvements that serve you the customer by providing great game play. It is easy to replicate this idea but very hard to get gaming components that work well together and even harder to get ones that look good and actually last.
  • BEARPONG is a small family business that will take care of you like a good neighbor. Ask anyone who has ever purchased from us……. anyone.


Why would I not just go buy the components of this game myself?


An attempt to do so, will ALWAYS result in a severely inferior gaming experience and will usually not provide any cost savings. Existing products will also not have the design features or the portability of BEARPONG game kits


  • BEARPONG buckets are a proprietary design that is intentionally heavier on the bottom to prevent them from tipping over while playing. We did not just slap a label on a red bucket. Our Patent pending design makes our game completely unique….. When playing, you do not want buckets that are impossible to tip over, but you also don't want buckets that fall over with every throw. The bucket to ball ratio is very critical.
  • Our balls are specifically weighted and sized to be used with our BEARPONG buckets. They are durable, beautiful and perfect for oversized beer pong.
  • You get a sleek, well made carrying case that makes taking the game anywhere a breeze.
  • We also offer custom BEARPONG Beach Balls for windy environments. You will not always play under the same conditions; our wind balls eliminate the problem of balls blowing around. Combined with a little extra weight inside the buckets, our beach balls make playing in even the toughest environments possible!


Save yourself the trouble and purchase our game, your friends and family will thank you!!!!!!  


What size are the BEARPONG Buckets and Balls? 


BEARPONG Buckets are roughly 12 inches tall and 12 inches in Diameter across the top. Our balls, are roughly 6.5 inches in diameter. We want our game to be big enough to create a great giant beer pong game, yet not so big that lugging the game around is too burdensome. Please Reference our pictures on the website to get a good feel of the actual bucket size in relation to humans before placing your order! (Include Picture)


Can I get a customized BEARPONG set?


Absolutely. We have several variations of how “custom” you may want, so please e-mail us at Custom@bearpong.com to get a quote. Below are a few pictures of some of our customized sets. (Include Picture)


Is BEARPONG available in stores?


Yes, and no. As a small family business, we try our best to work with other small businesses to sell our game locally. Unfortunately, our network of stores selling the game is still quite small. Since we offer expedited shipping on our website, we hope to keep it this way and simply grow our network of small retailers. Give us some time, we are on the move!!


Can I get wholesale pricing for large orders?


Yes. Shoot us an email at info@bearpong.com if you are interested in purchasing 5 or more kits and we will work with you to explore the best shipping options and packages to give you the best deal possible. The more you buy, the better the deal.


Need any help promoting?


Yes. We are always looking for help from people who believe in our idea and the quality of our product. If you would like to explore some promotional opportunities, email us at info@bearpong.com and let’s work out a fair arrangement for everyone involved. If you believe yourself to possess a particular skillset that may be useful to our branding and marketing efforts and would like to apply for a more specialized position, we would love to hear from you as well.