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BEARPONG is oversized portable Beer Pong that can be played anywhere!! It does not require unnecessary tables and is extremely portable. BEARPONG is perfect for the beach, tailgates, poolside, cookouts, yards, snow or ANYWHERE!  The patent pending weighted buckets and unique carrying case have proven a big hit at all types of events and continue to gain momentum as a great addition to any party inside or out!  Only available online! Shop
BearPong Videos

View our instructional videos and join our mascots Brutus and Pauley  as they hit the road sharing BEARPONG with people at tailgates, BBQ's and more. BEARPONG is so portable that they can easily pack it up and hit the road to keep spreading the word! Brutus and Pauley love to party and enjoy playing our game with everyone who likes to have a good time, whether it be at a tailgate or beach party, this is the perfect game to play!
BearPong Pictures

Check out pics of people enjoying their BEARPONG kits at a parties all over the place! When people see and play  BEARPONG  they quickly get excited, so get ready to capture the moment when you get your gaming kit and start attracting lots of attention! Send us your favorite pics and we'll post it to our site! Check them out now!
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BEARPONG is quickly sweeping the nation as the only Portable Oversized Beer Pong game! As people give our game a chance, we have gathered a lot of positive press and coverage on both a local and national scale.  Read More